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From prototype to production, we'll hold your hand.


Prototyping is a vital step in production that you can't afford to skip. It allows you to try your concept out before buying it en masse. We encourage prototyping for that very reason - You'll know that you've covered all your bases, that your product will work out, and that you've selected the right material if you get to test it out before mass producing it.


Atlas can help you prototype in one of two ways. First, if you have an adequate drawing file (.DXF), we can easily work with that. Second, we can reverse-engineer from a sample or specifcations that you provide to us. If we have one of those two pieces, a concept can be quickly turned into a prototype. From there, once you know you've got what you need, we can turn your prototype into production quantities.


How quickly can we go from prototype to production? You might be surprised!


Using one of our flash cutters, we can turn your conceptual drawing into an actual part with a speedy turnaround. While the speed of our turnaround times can vary based on our production load, one recent story serves as a great example for what's possible. We had a client call us at lunch. They needed to prototype and produce immediately. We were able to work our magic and get them production quantity by 3 p.m. that same afternoon. Talk about "flash" cutting!


What might happen if you don't prototype?


Of course, nothing serves as a substitute for being prepared. Our ideal situation is to be part of the research and prototyping process with our clients, so we can help them avoid problems before they arise. While we can prototype many parts for you, we like to call the gasket "the forgotten part." It is oftentimes the most overlooked piece of the puzzle, despite being one of the most important pieces. If you don't have a working gasket, you don't have a working component.


Say you need a gasket for a hydraulic pump. Getting a prototype from Atlas means you'll be able to put it in the test center at your facility. You can run it through all possible scenarios and extremes, to ensure that the material will work in real-life scenarios before it goes into production.


A part isn't important until you realize it's important.


We've seen it all too often: A gasket isn't important until a flaw in the planning proves its importance. Take this story, for instance.


A world-renowned pump company came to us with a problem: Their Cadillac of well pumps, designed to access water hundreds of feet deep, was failing. Debris and sediment was ruining the product, and it needed to be launched in full in 3-4 weeks. When the company tested, the product kept failing. Atlas looked at the project, made some suggestions, and by the end of the meeting, received a drawing and samples from the company. After some reverse-engineering and testing, we came up with a viable product. Best of all, this happened 10 years ago, and we still produce the part today. Think if we were able to intervene even earlier in the planning process. That's why calling on us to prototype and research with you is key!

Why go into a project with your eyes wide shut? 


It bears repeating: Call Atlas before you have a problem. We like to say, "A prototype a day keeps the warranty work away." We are here to empower your team with proper planning to prevent poor production. Prototyping with us is the first step to your part's success. 



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