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It's just like cutting cookies. OK, it's a little bit different than that.


When we custom die cut gaskets, or do any kind of custom die cutting, we use a steel-rule die to cut different flexible materials. Some of the materials we cut include cork, felt, plastics, fabrics, rubber, and paper.


Our custom die cutting capabilities cover all facets of production. We can handle short-run production projects, all the way to higher-volume orders, from low-end to high-end production, and everything you can imagine in-between. If you're looking to produce a single prototype before going into full-blown production, we've got you covered! Atlas Gaskets has the niche to be able to do everything you may need when it comes to die cutting.


When it comes to the latest technology, we don't sit still.


Many established custom die cutting and gasket manufacturers tend to buy equipment and stick with it, sometimes for decades. That's not good enough for us. We like to reinvest our money back into new technology to stay ahead of the curve, instead of running with the pack.


While we have some traditional equipment, like clicker presses and two-post beam presses, these are suitable for smaller runs (think quantities up to 1,000). Our fully automated, high-volume presses are designed to handle the bigger projects with unparalleled efficiency (how high can you count?).


In a nutshell: Die cutting is what we do. But, we also do more.


If you're looking for custom die-cutting work, you've come to the right place. But, we also have machines that do other forms of cutting. Our flash cutters operate using a CNC-driven knife, for example. It's die-less cutting, and we have more machines than any manufacturer in the United States.  Read on to learn more about our other capabilities.


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