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Flash Cutters - Want your project done in a flash?

Flash cutters have been a revolution for the industry. They replaced water jets a few years ago, which were messy, wet, and dirty. Flash cutters, instead, use a pneumatic knife to keep the materials that we cut free from water and debris.


Perfect for rapid prototyping and small-run projects


Flash cutting isn't only cleaner, it's faster. With these machines, Atlas can do rapid prototyping, in some cases even same-day if clients provide a file. Flash cutters are ideal for smaller-run projects, think production quantities of one through the several thousands. For larger production runs, we recommend switching over to a die cut.


Thicker materials? Versatility? We can handle it.

 Flash cutting can even handle thicker materials. We can cut solid rubber up to 1 inch thick using these machines. The capability of the machine allows us to go over the same lines multiple times to cleanly cut thicker materials.


Unlike die cutting, flash cutting machines also provide more versatility. A multi-tool head allows us to cut, mill, punch, and write on materials, or even add part numbers.



Why not go to the place with the most flash cutters in the nation?

Did you know that Atlas has the most flash cutters of any company in the United States? We do! At least, that's what we've been told when we placed our orders. So why not brag about it?


Not only do we have a large amount of flash cutters, but we know how to use them to their greatest potential. These are good multi-functioning pieces of equipment, suitable for low to mid-volume order types for a wide range of materials. We could even cut a part that's 14 feet long by 5 feet wide. At Atlas, we go big.


In addition to being versatile, flash cutters are more flexible than dies. If we're prototyping and need to adjust tolerances, we can do that at the machine without investing money in extra tooling. We can adjust and adapt as we go, helping you produce the perfect component for your project.


Want to learn more about our flash cutting or other die cutting capabilities? Request a quote today!

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