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"Big or small, we cut them all!"


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From one part to one million, we have a press for your project

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Need some stripping?

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From one part to one million, we have a press for your project

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Test pieces and small runs


About Us

We're not satisfied by the status quo.

At Atlas Gaskets, "good enough" is not in our vocabulary. We are always trying to improve and embrace new technology that can allow us to work smarter and more efficiently for our clients. When we acquire new technology, it helps us achieve our goal of constant, strategic growth. It's this thoughtful and innovative growth process that proves we're not some flash-in-the-pan company - we're here for the long haul.


We also don't accept "good enough" when it comes to our work environment. We get it, making gaskets isn't the most glamorous thing in the world (OK, it doesn't even come close). But we strive to make the manufacturing process both fun for our employees and profitable for our company. We do that by investing in new technology and processes to stay ahead of the curve. It's easy to have fun at work when you're doing something new and exciting. Beyond that, our work culture is committed to fostering the feeling of family. We take care of everybody at Atlas, because happy employees make good parts. That's good for us and for our customers.


(We jokingly wanted to start this story by saying that it all started over 3 bottles of wine smashed under some Hungarian's feet, but hopefully what we decided to lead with is a bit more helpful. Still, the part with the feet is true.)


"Rush Order"










"Atlas solved many problems we were having in design, and to conform to our "just in time" policies. They continue to provide cost savings at every level." 

Chris- Project Engineer

Motorcycle Engine Manufacturer

"It is a pleasure to work with Atlas Gaskets. Not only do they provide high quality parts per our specifications, but they also provide high quality service that separates them from their competitors. In addition, their investment in capital gives them the capability to serve a wide variety of customers and applications. I would highly recommend them as your next provider of custom gasket parts." - Charles G.

"When I had an emergency project, I provided Atlas Gaskets with a print at 12:20 p.m. and was able to pick up completed product by 2:50 p.m. that same day. Where most companies would give their minimum lead time or outright refusal to help, Atlas got to work and made it happen." - John N.

About Us

Name, Title

Atlas Gaskets has been manufacturing and supplying precision cut custom gaskets and seals to a wide variety of industries since 1993, including the OEM market, agriculture, filtration, water well, aerospace, medical, electronics and many more!

In order to keep up with manufacturing advances and productivity, we are continually upgrading to the newest technology and procedures within our industry. This allows us to fabricate a wide range of parts to custom print specifications as efficiently as possible.

Using our extensive experience and diverse manufacturing background, we are prepared to grow and be challenged as our market continues to change. Our company has proven to stand out to our customers thanks to our organization of people and processes that have been carefully chosen with the customer in mind.

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Where are we?

Tel. 262-548-9700

1201 Marlin Court, 
Waukesha, WI 53186

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Monday - Friday: 8am to 4pm


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